Crossley Tax can offer you a simple, cost-effective solution to help protect you and your business from potential expensive professional fees from a HMRC Tax enquiry.

We understand running a business is hard enough without the potential of being investigated by HMRC, that's why at Crossley we look after our clients and want to help protect them against every eventuality.

Giving you piece of mind in the event of an enquiry, and providing cover without the worry of additional fees, Crossley's Tax Enquiry Protection can enable you to focus on your business and take proactive measures to protect yourself.

What are HMRC's plans?


Why would I be investigated when I've done nothing wrong?
With the introduction of a HMRC Tax Compliance Task Force, we believe you are now at a much higher risk of being the subject of a HMRC enquiry. HMRC have enforced stricter rules with the aim of eliminating tax fraud and even when you have done nothing wrong, you could still be selected for a lengthy investigation.
Using 'Risk Profiling' software HMRC are able to search through thousands of records and generate enquiries by random selection. This means HMRC are now able to visit businesses and investigate any tax records, including Corporation, Self Assessment, VAT, PAYE and NI with an aim of raising more revenue.
Why do I need fee enquiry insurance, surely it's cheaper to pay when I need it?
With the average HMRC full enquiry requiring considerable professional input, at a typical average cost of between £5,000 - £10,000, the tax compliance service will help ensure you are covered against these representation costs. The benefits of Crossleys Tax Enquiry Protection mean that the cover is ready immediately when you need it and takes away the stress and worry of being investigated.
How is Tax Investigation Protection going to help me?
If you are investigated by HMRC, the process will be time consuming, costly and exhausting. Crossley Tax can handle the entire process for you by:
  • Claiming any potentially high costs of professional fees through the policy.
  • Dealing with all correspondence to HMRC.
  • Attendance at HMRC meetings (if required).
  • Appeals to Tribunal.
  • Peace of mind.
What does Crossley Tax Enquiry Protection cover?
There are three Tax Enquiry policies available:
How do I apply?
To find out more and to register for the policy contact our tax team