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Giving you peace of mind in the event of a HMRC tax enquiry or investigation, and providing you cover for, without the worry of, additional professional fees. Crossley's tax enquiry protection can enable you to focus on your business and take proactive measures to protect yourself.

Tax enquiry and investigation protection services we can offer you:

Personal Cover Corporate Cover VAT Cover
  • Self-assessment tax return submissions.
  • Corporation tax return submissions.
  • PAYE / N.I. enquiries.
  • National minimum wage investigations.
  • VAT return submissions.
  • VAT routine visits.

With the introduction of a HMRC tax compliance task force, we believe you are now at a much higher risk of being the subject of a HMRC enquiry, and if you are investigated by HMRC, the process will be time consuming, costly and exhausting. 


What are HMRC’s plans? Why would I be investigated when I’ve done nothing wrong? Why do I need this, surely it’s cheaper to pay when I need it? How is tax investigation protection going to help me?
  • £34.1 billion raised through HMRC compliance tax enquires in 2018/19.
  • HMRC have increased the number of criminal investigations into tax crime, resulting in 648 successful criminal convictions at the end of 2019.
  • HMRC have enforced stricter rules with the aim of eliminating tax fraud.
  • Even when you have done nothing wrong, you could still be selected for a lengthy investigation.
  • The average HMRC full enquiry requires significant professional input, at a typical average cost of between £5,000 - £10,000.
Crossley Tax can handle the entire process for you by:
  • Claiming any potentially high costs of professional fees through the policy.
  • Dealing with all correspondence to HMRC.
  • Attendance at HMRC meetings (if required).
  • Appeals to tribunal.

The benefits of Crossley’s Tax Enquiry Protection mean that the cover is ready immediately when you need it and takes away the stress and worry of being investigated, whilst ensuring you are covered against representation costs.

To find out more and have an informal chat about your needs, contact our tax manager Darren Ward on 01634 840440 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Naming and Shaming: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/publishing-details-of-deliberate-tax-defaulters-pddd/current-list-of-deliberate-tax-defaulters