Using specialist knowledge of the current tax system we can provide cost-effective and tax minimisation solutions for you or your business. Our long term experience guarantees professional service and compliance with statutory regulations at all times.

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Tax services we can offer you:





Tax Enquiry Protection

Giving you peace of mind in the event of a HMRC tax enquiry or investigation, and providing you cover for, without the worry of, additional professional fees. Crossley's tax enquiry protection can enable you to focus on your business and take proactive measures to protect yourself.

Tax enquiry and investigation protection services we can offer you:

Personal Cover

Corporate Cover

VAT Cover

With the introduction of a HMRC tax compliance task force, we believe you are now at a much higher risk of being the subject of a HMRC enquiry, and if you are investigated by HMRC, the process will be time consuming, costly and exhausting. 

Tax Enquiry FAQ's

The benefits of Crossley’s Tax Enquiry Protection mean that the cover is ready immediately when you need it and takes away the stress and worry of being investigated, whilst ensuring you are covered against representation costs.

£30.8 billion raised through HMRC compliance tax enquires in 2020/21.

HMRC have increased the number of criminal investigations into tax crime, resulting in more than 600 successful criminal convictions at the end of 2019.


Making Tax Digital

You may already be aware of the new Government tax system called Making Tax Digital (MTD) that was introduced in April 2019. For any individual or business affected by MTD, you will be required to digitally submit information to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Navigating through the HMRC making tax digital changes can be complicated, however Crossley can ensure that you are compliant, and will help you devise a plan suited to you.

Making Tax Digital Options


If your business is VAT registered you are now required to submit your VAT returns using a compatible digital software whilst keeping digital records.

MTD for Income Tax

From April 2026 self employed businesses or landlords will be required to maintain digital records and submit quarterly self assessments to HMRC.


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