Company Secretarial, Wills and LPA's


Company Secretarial, Wills and LPA's

We can help you with all your company secretarial needs. Our team of efficient company secretaries can help you spend more time on your business, whilst we manage all of your companies legal requirements in the most cost effective way.

Our outsourced and bespoke solution, guarantees piece of mind by helping you remain compliant with government deadlines and changes.

To find out more and have an informal chat about your needs, contact our secretaries coordinator.

Debra Bishop

Company Secretrial services we can offer:

Registered Office

We can be your business' registered office, for any legal notices, reminders or letters from HMRC, Companies House or other government bodies.

Significant Control Register

We can maintain and update the Persons with Significant Control register for your business.

Confirmation Statement

All companies should file an annual confirmation statement to confirm a companies details are up to date, we can help prepare and file this statement for you.

Company Formations

Company formations and striking off are one of the services we can offer, ensuring new companies are registered in the right way and that everything is tied up before dissolving a company.

Minute Preparations

Occasionally you may have a requirement for someone to take minutes at important meetings. Our team are trained in minute taking and transcribing.

Share Capital Maintenance

Our fully trained team can help look after the administration for any share capital.

Company Officers' Register

Another of our services will help you keep up to date and an informative record of any individuals who own the company and the details of the shares they hold.


Creating or updating your Will can often be complicated, and making decisions on what happens to your possessions, money and property is never an easy conversation.

Crossley’s Will writing service can take away added stress and give you piece of mind in providing you with everything you need. 

A Will ensures your assets are distributed to the people or causes that you care about in line with your wishes. Crossley can offer individual Wills, mirror Wills or non-mirror Wills.

Outlined below are our different Will writing services available to you.

Single Wills

An individual will to reflect your own wishes.

Mirror Wills

Virtually identical wills for couples who reflect each other’s wishes.

Non-Mirror Wills

For couples where your wishes do not match, effectively creating two different wills.

Will Holding Service

We can hold your will securely on your behalf to ensure that the will is not lost, unintentionally or accidentally destroyed.

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney or LPA, enables you to give another person the right to make decisions on your behalf if you become unable to make decisions. There are two separate Lasting Powers of Attorney, health and financial, which are split because they require different experience and knowledge. 

Our LPA experts will be able to assist you through every step of the process, helping you to understand the differences between a health and welfare LPA and a financial and property LPA.

LPA services we can offer you:

Health LPA

If you are unable to make your own decisions a health LPA is able to decide things such as your medical treatment and care homes.

Financial LPA

A financial LPA enables someone to manage your money and property, which includes managing your bank account, paying bills and selling your home.

Joint or Single LPA's

Our experts are able to offer you a single LPA tailored to your requirements, however if you have a partner who has similar wishes then we are able to offer joint LPA's in both health and financial.

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