At Crossley Group, we offer a made to measure service that allows us to work with your accounts to give an insight into your organisation. Our service encompasses preparing business plans, cash flow and profit forecasts, strategic planning and much more. Crossley Consulting offers services that enhance the profitability and stability of your business by planning for future circumstances and opportunities.
Our services offered include:
  • Tools to monitor business performance
  • Creation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and “Leading Edge” trading measures to monitor profit performance
  • Identifying areas of poor performance or early signs of distress and taking the appropriate remedial action
  • Guidance on improving core business activities, stringent cost controls, setting clear goals
  • Advice on insolvency, administration, receivership
  • Guidance through the financial, legal and regulatory implications
  • Strategic long term planning including the creation of operational objectives
  • Projection reports
  • Contingency planning
All services are provided by an experienced advisor whilst complying with regulations.
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